Cambrian Unexplained Phenomena Society

     Well, folks, it looks as if the old Society is about to ride again.   I’ve met a few people recently who are interested – even, in some cases, keen! – for me to re-start it.
     Those of you who recall the original group will recall that – as with so many specialist interest groups – we were invaded by a few "I know it all and I want to be famous" types, so it fell apart (Mystic Meg has a lot to be sorry for!).   And it’s name, in those days, used "Ceredigion" rather than "Cambrian".   The reason for the change is so that the Society is less geographically limited.
     So, if there’s anyone out there who’s inclined towards sensible, unsensational investigations of peculiar things which still happen here in West Wales (and beyond), please get in touch with me.   But only if you have an open mind and are prepared to discover that 80 – 90% of "the unexplained" can be explained quite easily (and the explanation is often dull).
     And, no, it doesn’t look as if Llowarch will be restarting his newspaper column, "Weird Wonders of Wales" in the near future.
     I look forward to your comments.
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