A Day In The Life, I Suppose

Well, today, the car did not play up (much).   An obvious bonus.
We learned – from Iain – that Kleeneze’s "Don’t Back Into Lamp-posts Kit" shown on the back page of the new catalogue at £29.99 is on eeZe tv at £21.89 + p & p, which makes it cheaper than we retail it, anyway.   AND we take it direct to the Customer ourselves.#
This, and other things from the catalogues, are being offered both on telly and on the eeZee tv website, and we’re the silly beggars who deliver the catalogues which advertise the telly-shop!
I’ve e-mailed Dave Horton (upline) mentioning that Tesco’s don’t put up posters inviting their customers to visit Sainsbury’s, and reminding him of the assertions that The Company made to us Distributors when the telly-shop was launched.   I asked his opinion of the ethics being used here . . .   Nous verrons.
A drizzly day with a keen wind here, but Pete, the Amtrac driver, assured us when bringing our order that it was calm and pleasant in Aberystwyth.
The results of our blood-tests weren’t bad, according to Dr. Keith Thomas yesterday.   Collestrol seems OK for us both, blood-pressure slightly up, and we’re both overweight.   So we’re pretty fit, really – though, of course, Rosie is still lumbered (tee-hee) with her bad back.
I can – and shall – be adding lots of pictures now that I’ve got a printer-scanner-copier.   It’s pretty terrific.   We can scan in ancient b & w photos for their protection.  
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