27th June, 2010.

"One never knows, do one?"

Thomas "Fats" Waller

     I only just found that I had this blog-thingy!   I see that I used it way back in the mists of time and that nobody, nobody at all, seems to have discovered the wonderfully creative and deathless prose I have put here in the past.   That is truly their loss.

     And now, I shall be putting upon it all sorts of quite trivial facts about Life, The Universe & Everything (oh, do keep up, dear reader) merely to entertain, amuse and annoy the unwary.

     Having said that, I shall close now and, probably, never be able to find my way back to this blog ever again.   (However, should any of my friends come across these meanderings of a nocturnal spider, please visit it again – for "one never knows, do one?")

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3 Responses to 27th June, 2010.

  1. john says:

    i can veiw your blog i will read it properly later

  2. Cornflake says:

    OH – look! Thanks, John. Does this mean you have a Windows Blog Space, too?

  3. Cornflake says:

    Yes, it does! Ay-up – I\’m finding my way round this Windows Space-thingy quite well. It\’s a bit like Facebook, but doesn\’t seem to have as many pop-ups and ads.

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