28th June, 2010

 Watch Out For Some Real Blogging!
(especially if I can remember how to find this Space,
and if I can attract people to it!)
     What I hope to try – now that I’ve discovered that I still have this Space – is to start discussions on Life, The Universe & Everything.   I shall include here a few selections from my own, personal Journal which I keep on my hard-drive (or whatever it’s called).
     Also, now that I’m attempting to return to being a (fairly) professional writer, I may include some of my shorter pieces (or even the occasional chapter from a book wot I have writ) for perusal and comment by those who I allow to visit this page.
     I feel I may be entering into a period of serious creativity, by the way – so be warned!
     I need a bit more intellectual stimulation in my life first, though.
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