Friday, 2nd July, 2010.

Well, well, well, well, well!   Never thought I’d be saying the following!

Talking with Big John (yesterday, I think it was), I found myself in (slight) agreement that this ConDem alliance in Westminster might do some good.   That was due, mainly, to the hope which John expressed that tougher measures on those out of work might jog ’em into a little more activity.   The only trouble with that is that their children (of whom they seem to produce many) might suffer if the safety-net of the dole was pulled from under them.

John’s suggestion is one of re-educating the scroungers and lead-swingers.   And to ensure that they understand the consequences of their own actions.   Kids would be taken care of with a system of vouchers and – initially – parenting skills would have to be taught to these pathetic no-hopers.   They would be told – in no uncertain terms – that having baby after baby to force The State to provide them with bigger, better houses would not be permitted.   (There was much more to this conversation and these ideas than I have expressed here.)

I found myself agreeing with almost everything John suggested!  ME!!!   I admitted to him that I am still a deep-down Socialist.   He told me to look at what Socialist principles had done to Britain, sighting the above dependency-culture situation.

Alas, very few of our younger members of British society have been taught nor understand why the now-defunct Labour Party was formed.   The reasons for its coming into being were, quite simply, to stop the downtrodden masses (gosh, there’s an old-fashioned and virtually forgotten phrase!) being kept in that terrible state.   "A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work" is not a bad employment strategy.   And such a strategy does not conflict with John’s arguments above.

Now that the ConDem alliance has started on what it seems to be calling "our task", we must – as the electorate always do – wait and see.   At least (oh, dear, I’m becoming a closet-Tory!) what they are doing is positive after years of Mr. Brown’s New Labour lot’s sloppiness.

Maybe I should say here, following my paragraph above, that I still think all Tories are closets (that’s a very fine old expression from the pre-Council-House times).

My problem now is which British political Party shall I really support now.   I cannot become a Tory;  I do not believe New Labour is anything to do with The Labour Party (they won’t bring back Clause 4);  the Lib-Dems are really playing pig-in-the-middle – so that only leaves Plaid Cymru, I suppose.

If anyone bothers to read this deathless prose, I would love some guidance in the above matter.

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