Wednesday, 7th July, 2010.

A few weeks ago, it seemed to me that I should get properly involved in politics again.   It’s been a long time since I actually marched with a banner or really doing summat.   It was the build-up to the farcical General Election which set me to thinking along these lines.
     Anyway, since then – and I didn’t consciously seem to be doing very much about getting involved – I’ve encountered various politicos.   One of them is Ifan Maesllyn, who’s the Chairman of our village Council and also on our County Council.   He’s an Independent – though slightly Right of Centre (he confessed), the Independent Group in Ceredigion is not an actual political party.   "We just use common sense," he told me.
     Then, one of Ower Ian’s relatives up in Scotland – Matt McLaughlin – put me onto a protest campaign regarding the TUC inviting David Cameron to address one of its meetings.   Matt is a member of the Scottish Labour Party and, I think, a local Councillor.   Anyway, via him, I have come across a whole host of people who hold the principles of Democratic-Socialism which I once thought I held.
     Also, having had a shufti at Plaid Cymru’s webpage and read its "Aims", I feel there is much merit in joining them.
     So, if anyone accidentally strays onto this blog and reads of my political confusion, perhaps they’d like to offer help, guidance, or comments.
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