Friday, 30th July, 2010.

This is what I wrote today on the Cymdeithas Coedwig Cymuned Pontrhydfendigaid site-thingy:-

A quick thanks to all you good folk who sent me kind messages about my

state of health.   Had a blood-test and an ECG last Friday and went

for the results today.   I didn’t mention to many of you that the

quack had said that my sudden creakiness a few days before I went to

seed him may have been a heart-attack.   So it’s been a worrying week


     Well, today Carl Langley told me that I was quite fit!   Indeed,

he said that the results would have been good for someone 50 years

younger than me!   And that, though I had the constitution of that 21-

year-old, I should do less heavy lifting.   (He said nothing about my

brain being addled . . .)

     So, as long as there’s no heavy lifting involved, I shall be

organising the next Woodland Meeting soon – stand by for info.

     And thanks once more for being such a caring bunch.

No doubt I shall copy this to my private Journal.  Plus the info that Carl told me to keep including chocolate as part of my regular diet ‘cos it has health-giving properties!

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