Saturday, 7th August, 2010.

Right then!   At last I have time to add some "Thoughts On Mortality" – a copy of which is posted in my private Journal along with various other pieces.   SO:-

banging on about it, that strange attack of feeling faint and having
palpitations at June’s Table-Top Sale got me to thinking.   Especially so when, having chatted with the
quack – Carl Langley – he told me that “it could have been a heart-attack”.


          This year, I seem to have really
appreciated the coming of Summer more than any other one I can remember.   It seemed that this was an amazingly verdant
season.   Rosie and I went on a fair few
day-trips as well as our May holiday away down in Saundersfoot.   And, each time, we commented on how much
more lovely everything seemed this year.


          The “it may have been a heart-attack”
made me start wondering whether I was seeing all these beauties of Nature for,
perhaps, the last time.   Maybe I was
going to be bedridden soon . . . or worse.


          The tests and their results show that
I am as fit as a 21-year-old.   I have
nothing at all to be worry about as far as my health is concerned.


          That, of course, was a relief.   But it didn’t explain away why we – both
Rosie and I – are seeing this Summer as “special”.   In talking about it, we conclude that, yes,
it is a finer and more verdant season than last year.   And, of course, we agree that, during our
working lives, although much of our time was spent travelling round this
glorious area of Ceredigion – and sometimes beyond – we were focussed on
earning a living.   That meant, though
appreciating the countryside, we had a lot less time to stand and stare.


          During the last week, we went to
Mynydd Carn Ingli, up which I climbed with grand-daughter Milly.   We took Milly to Tywyn, Merioneth, too –
which Rosie and I visited last September and which holds so many happy memories
of family holidays when Liz was younger than Milly is now.


          On both those trips, we were all-but
overcome with the beauty of Nature, the beauty of


is sweet, brother . . .”

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