Wednesday, 11th August, 2010.

     This morning on our regular walkies to the top of The Green, we – Bess and I – had a bright start to the day.   It was not entirely sunny, but the rays had broken through a bit of cloud and one field beyond Cors Caron and near Bronant was illuminated

     Just that one field.   It was one which had been cut for hay recently.   The sun, it seemed, had singled it out for treatment knowing, perhaps, that view is one of me favourites.   I felt the butterflies flittering in my stomach.

     I look across there every morning, Summer or Winter.   Sometimes, it’s so misty and/or rainy that one can only see half way across the Bog.   Nevertheless, for thirty-three years comes November, I have looked across there and got a thrill as our dogs and I have stretched our early morning legs.   Alas, taxi-work prevented me from doing so every morning, but I think I more than made up for that by going up there at various times of day when I have been free so to do.

     I look to the Cambrian Mountains, too, over in the opposite direction.   Their moods change just the same.   But they are there.   And their being and the being of that view over Cors Caron are wonderful thing.

     Rosie and I – and Bess, of course – took a stroll today.   We crossed the Miners’ Bridge in Pont-Rhyd-y-Groes and up to the Forestry track on the other side of the Ystwyth.   Gosh – I do not think there is a more lovely place anywhere than our County of Ceredigion.   And I shall not even try to describe the beauties we saw as we walked today.

     As I constantly repeat, we live where we know we should be living.

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