Sunday, 15th August, 2010.

Y’know – it really is my intent to sit down in the next few days and write about the trips we’ve taken through this lovely land of Wales over the last few days.

     One of the most difficult things I’m finding now that – after nine years, is it? – of ceasing gainful employment is that so much of my time is spent doing things I wanted to do during my working-life.   Ones, of course, to which I never got round.

     I think the main difficulty was – certainly during our taxi-business days – that I just kept an eye on things (garden, house-maintenance) rather than actually working on those things.   Now, of course, the garden is in need of lots of sorting out (though I managed to keep the house intact!).

     Also, we’re both involved with local projects and activities – something that work (self-employment, anyway) did not allow us to do.   And "catching up" on all of these things is time-consuming.   Therefore, to slip something else in, however small that "something else" may seem, is difficult.

     I suppose what I’ve just said is a common factor among working-people.   Retirement comes as a shock – small or great – when one’s time has been geared to the clock.   (Must see if I can find that song "I was born to the sound of an alarm-clock".)

     If one has geared oneself to not working, of course, the age when workers retire has no meaning:  one will (and I see dozens of ’em who have) just plod on doing the same inconsequential things – smoking, watching telly, etcetera – for the rest of their remaining lives.   I see that as a total waste of a life-form.

     (That "life-form" comment contains a lot of my personal belief-system’s philosophy, by the way . . .)

     I shall shut up now and start relaxing into the day:  Rosie and I have sort of planned to go out (forecast:  sunny) up to Machynlleth and steer Eastward-ish from there towards Dylife.   We hope to see where the skull in the cage was found . . .   (And that will be more of our travels and discoveries to write up herein.)   See – life is one mad rush these days !   TTFN.

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