Monday, 16th August, 2010.

     See – told you
I’d witter on about our travels of the last few days.


     SO – on
Thursday, 12th August, then, we set out to go to Rhayader so that I
could take a few photos there for next month’s ‘
Cambrian Media’ (, my
almost-magazine-of-the-Interweb which is read by . . .  well . . . nobody.


     We went
across the
Cwmystwyth Road, then turned off to Cwm Elan and the
dams.   It was a lovely, sunny day, and
the sheets of water were at their best.  
I’ve been looking at and admiring those dams for over fifty years, and
the special beauty of the whole area still moves me.   Perhaps I should credit the Brummies with
something pleasant.   And there were
about as many visitors in the area when we were there as there were back in the
1950s.   Shame.


the whole dams project was created by Birmingham Corporation to supply water
for the fast-growing city’s needs.   A
good place to look for more info is:
where there’s info about every aspect of Cwm Elan, including its association
with the poet Shelley and his affinity to water (since a kid, I’ve pondered on
Shelly’s watery associations – and, unbeknownst to me, seems as if lots of other folk have, too).


     When we
reached Rhayader, we stopped near The Triangle Inn in Cwmdauddwr – known by the
English as Cwm Doo-dah!   I’d never
really looked at this appendage of Rhayader before, but found it so quaintly
interesting.   Many of the very old
buildings still stand.   And, noticing
the house-names in close proximity to The Triangle, we’re sure that “Holly Bush”
and "The Bell” must have been pubs, too.  
They would certainly have been used by the dam-builders and probably, in
times earlier, by drovers bringing their flocks across the
Cambrian Mountains from Old Cardiganshire.   How times have changed!

     Indeed, the tiny "Parish Pound" situated between the pubs and the church is no longer used, and there’s a bench in it now, perhaps for tired walkers rather than drovers!


     St. Bride’s Parish church in Cwmdauddwr
stands in the middle of a large circular site – clearly a Christianisation of
an old “pagan” place.   There’s another
parish church in the main town, but I dunno if the two are at loggerheads – funny thing, religion!


     Into the
teeming metropolis of Rhayader proper next; 
a quick park near the clock for me to take a photo;  then off on our search for Abbey Cwmhir.


      And, as I’ve
already rabbitted on a fair bit in this entry, I shall continue the saga of
Thursday, 12
th August in my next outburst.   Stay tooned!

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