Friday, 20th August, 2010.

This isn’t another "What I Did On My Holidays" outburst – our journey from Rhayader to Abbeycwmhir must wait for a while.   This is a slightly edited text of a mail I sent today in reply to one I received about the BP oil-leak.   Perhaps I should put this into a category called "My Own Beliefs and Other Rhubarb" . . .

whether to thank you for this one or not, Dave.   The whole oil-leak
thing gives me great concern.   First of all, there was a cover-up (no pun intended),
then there was denial, then there were several attempts to bung up the
leak, then we kept hearing the attempts had failed, then . . .

use a car.   Indeed, for twenty years, I earned a very good living from
using cars.   We as a society have come to rely – even become dependent
on – oil.   And this reliance plays a major part in the killing of the

There are alternatives, and society – mainly the richer
Western "democracies" – needs to learn new ways of living here on Mother
Earth.   We must learn to distinguish between our needs and our
greeds.   "Small is beautiful" and all those madrigals.

– as individuals – must start producing more of the things we consume: 
grow a few spuds in a bag if we have little space, eat wisely to avoid
some of the illnesses which inflict us, exercise more often (walking is
simple and cheap), use public transport if we must travel, forget flying out for holidays to far away places with strange sounding names (Pontrhydfendigaid?
), ignore the teachings of those with vested interests – and teach, teach, teach our children better ways of living.

(Whilst writing all this bilge, I’ve just decided to become Founder, Leader and Member of the "Bring Back Thrift Movement" – what a revolutionary I am, eh?)

will be a hard struggle to free the minds of our people from the
teachings which they have been tricked into believing by those with
vested interests.   Can’t have ordinary people thinking for themselves,
can we?

Here endeth the lesson – well, for the moment:  a daft
old codger like me will always get back on the same soapbox and spout
his beliefs aloud.   Up The Revolution!

(Y’know, Dewi bach – I might just edit this a bit and post it on my blog in a bit.   Now see what you’ve done!)

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