Saturday, 21st August, 2010.

At last –
the continuing saga of our trip to Rhayader and beyond a week or so ago!   Bet you’ve bitten your fingernails to the
bone in anticipation . . .


having enjoyed looking at Cwmdauddwr, and having taken a pic of Rhayader’s
clock-tower, we left the town and took the St. Harmon road on our mission to
view the ruins of Abbey Cwmhir.


The day’s
weather improved as we drove.   I have no
words to describe the wonderful rolling hills of Radnorshire.


eventually arrived at the tiny hamlet of Abbeycwmhir.   It’s one of the places where we would like
to live – if we did not already live in the best village and prettiest county
Wales (and, therefore, the world).


The hamlet stands on the narrow lane from Rhayader towards Cross
Gates.   It surprised us to find such a
neat little place, miles from any town, up here in the Radnor Hills.   The abbey – Cistercian – must be the reason
why anyone at all (laity, of course) came to live here.

The abbey was dissolved by order of Henry VIII, as was its sister abbey
of Strata Florida a mile and a bit from where we live in Bont.   Monks from Strata Florida used to go, on
foot, right over the
Cambrian Mountains and across a big chunk of Radnorshire to visit their brethren.   They did it in all weathers, too, allegedly.   Tough men in tough times.

The old Monks Way can still – more or less – be
followed over the Cambrians.

Hope the Strata Florida lads did better than Rosie and I did.   We had a proper Ordnance Survey map.   We drove back and forth through Abbeycwmhir’s
“ribbon development” . . . but failed to find the abbey ruins!   (Map evidence suggests that we were about a quarter of a mile from them, and they are just behind the pub – navigators, eh?! )

Hey-ho – that means we have to go back another day:  can’t wait to enjoy that lovely part of our
land!   Having checked the O/S map
properly – and sussed everything about the place online – we shall not fail in
our mission next time.

View of the Cwmystwyth road, mining scars on left of picture.

We drove home the way we’d come, except we turned directly onto the Cwmystwyth Road at Cwmdauddwr.   It had been another delightful and uplifting
day.   Why do we need to leave our
homeland when we have so much total beauty on our doorstep?

Decaying buildings at the Cwmystwyth mines.

There really will be more of our Summer journeyings on this blog in the not-too-distant future.

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