Monday, 23rd August, 2010.

Friday the
Thirteenth – and beyond!

     Back to
“What I Did On My Holidays”, in fact, and the supposedly fateful day above is a
load of poppycock, of course!   In fact,
it was deemed “unlucky” by Christians – in the Middle Ages, I think – because
there were thirteen men at The Last Supper and Jesus was put to death on a
Friday.   But, hang on – aren’t
Christians supposed to be non-superstitious?  
Funny thing, religion.

     Anyway, on
that August day, we took a fairly local stroll in the Forestry above Llanfair-Clydogau,
only a few miles from home.   Just a
pleasant little outing tacked on to the doctor’s appointment which Rosie had in
Tregaron.   We have so much grand
countryside in Ceredigion that I wonder sometimes why we go further.   Well, I do know the answer . . .

     Because, on
Sunday, 15th August, we went on our planned trip Northwards.   We decided that, this year, we would have
holidays away before and after the main school-holidays and do day-trips while
the kids were off school.   That way, we
wouldn’t end up at some holiday resort and have loads of people all round
us.   What miseries we are . . .

retirement does anything, it gives us a choice of what we do when.

     So – he
said in an over-dramatic way
– stopping only to fuel-up in Aberystwyth, we headed
to the Lands Northwards.   Well,
Machynlleth to be exact.   Mach is a nice
little town, steeped in history, and having a handy public-toilet.   One has to pay twenty-pence to use that
facility – a shocking reversion to old-fashioned “penny-in-the-slot” days!

     The town –
well, the origins of it – grew near a crossing place of Afon Dyfi (River
Dovey).   The Romans were here, calling
their little settlement “Maglona”, from which the present name derives.   Henry the Eighth built the original bridge
over the river – though not himself personally, you understand.

     The great
Owain Glyndwr (Owen Glendower) had his Parliament building here, and it still
stands as the town’s museum on the broad main street.   In this street, the weekly open market is
held.   When we first came to live in
Wales, Rosie and I tried our hand as
market-traders and came here regularly every Wednesday (socks and home-made
jams a speciality!).   Machylleth’s clock
is a famed landmark.

     All in all,
Mach is a cosy town.   But our day was to
take us further, as you will see in the next photo-filled episode of this exciting sago – er – saga . .
(‘Cos I’ve rambled on enough
with this entry!)

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