Friday, 3rd September, 2010.

O, woe is me!   For I promised to tell you (who – nobody reads this rhubarb?!) of our trip beyond the town of Machynlleth, complete with photos.   Well, having done three consecutive days of litter-picking (to earn money for the Laughing Dragons Theatre Group) and, on one of those days, driving up to Umpshire to bring back Ceri & Pete, having a Panto rehearsal on the next day (Sunday), a catching up day on Monday, and taking Ceri & Pete back to Umpshire, and having lots of angst build up from then on, and trying to catch up with things again yesterday, and having dental treatment today – well, I failed to fulfil my sort-of promise and have explained why by writing a sentence so long that you will not be able to comprehend what I have written.

Will continue this blog . . . er . . . soon . . .

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