Thursday, 9th September, 2010.

This is my reply to a mail I received from David Parsons which gave a link to a 1950s site.   Passing it on in case it’s of interest.   It’s in my Journal as well.

– another one bookmarked.   This music was all around me during my
teenage years, Dave.   Rock ‘n’ Roll was fun in those days.   And I was
leading a jazz-group, having taught myself trumpet (I was not bad, in

Memories, memories.   I remember – before your time –
Wilfred Pickles on his "Have A Go" programme asking a lady in her
seventies if she had one wish what would it be.   I remember her voice
coming over the airwaves (Light Programme, of course!):  "Lord – keep my
memory green."

regret the passing of proper wireless sets made of Bakelite and
containing lots of valves which lit up like light bulbs!   I could never
have thanked my Mom and Dad properly for my charming childhood.)

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