Friday, 10th September, 2010.

Gosh – this is a useful thing to have when one has nothing to say but wants to say it anyway!

Just finished a rather hard-working week (well, we have to man a couple of tables at tomorrow afternoon’s Sale and do a Panto rehearsal on Sunday afternoon).   The quack told me that, though I have the constitution of a 21-year old (oh, yes, he did), that I should "slow-down" a little.   But there were lots to be done – flyering, postering (no – not posturing!), setting up tables, etcetera – and it was . . . well . . . just to be done.

I paced myself rather well, I thought.   Didn’t do too much today (though shifting tables for half-an-hour or so was heavy work), but my back is really stiff now.   And I think I need an early early-night.

Old age – if that is what I’m really suffering from – is annoying and irritating.   My mind is as sharp as ever it was (IF ever it was).   But I can think and ponder and wonder and anything else and my brain doesn’t show signs of exhurtion.   My body does, though.

Yes, Doctor Carl, you are right.    And I must learn now just what I need to do to "slow down" – it’ll be a learning time.

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