Sunday, 12th September, 2010.

     Was it the
80% chocolate I ate last night which has made me feel so elated today?   (I could feel it doing me good as I enjoyed
just a few squares last evening . . .)

The effects of that now-doctor-prescribed chocolate would never have
lasted ar hyd y nos and on into bore’ma.

          My elation is due entirely to having
seen the hard physical (and mental) work I’d put in over the previous week –
with lots of help from Rosie – come to a resounding success!

          The Laughing Dragons’ third Table-Top
Sale was, for me, the best one yet.  
Which surprised me following the fretting I’d done due to “circumstances
beyond our control”.

          Alas, an error had been made and the
Hall had been double-booked for yesterday afternoon.   We were given the Library and the Games Room
round the back of Neuadd Pantyfedwen at a slightly reduced rate due to the
error.   But I/we viewed the venue with
some trepidation:  two rooms separated by
a bit of corridor and round the back . . . hmm . . .

          In the event – and it must have been due
to the copious amount of publicity which we’d done – we filled both those rooms
(at a reduced rate per table) with stalls, and lots of people came to look at
the goods and to spend their money.

          And, most importantly, the atmosphere
in which we table-toppers worked was lovely.  
The punters must have felt that atmosphere, too, for most of us – the
charities in particular – made a decent profit.

          So I shall be buoyed up by that
experience and by losing all that built-up stress when The Laughing Dragons have
another rehearsal for next Winter’s Panto this very afternoon.

          Thanks again to all my fellow Laughing
Dragons who are permitted (there’s posh!) to read this Space.

But beware  that which is to be seen below never happens to you . . .

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