Wednesday, 15th September, 2010.

I received the following mail from one of my "Gentle Humour Gang" – as you’ll see from my reply which follows it, I enjoyed the joke, and it sparked off certain thoughts for me:-

I saw that there is
to be a sale of the Pope’s memorabilia following his visit to the UK this

Sadly, due to
increasing bad press that the Church has been receiving across the world, the
Pontiff’s visit has met with a lukewarm reception with many tickets remaining

A spokesman for the
Pope stated that

“ They are doing
all that can be done to improve the impression and reputation of the

to bring it MORE

One item that I am
particularly drawn to is a box of Communion Wafers

marked on the front
of the box >>>>






Oh, this is fall about funny, Dave!   Thanks.

cost of this Papal visit is disgusting.   The Pope – who claims to be Jesus’
spokesman on Earth – lives in total luxury, as do so many high-ranking Catholic
priests, etc.   And yet, according to the Bible (on which their belief-system
may possibly be based) there is a reference to Jesus which goes:  "The Son of
Man has nowhere to lay his head".

And I don’t see anywhere in that
interesting book where Jesus heaped riches unto himself.   What’s that bit about
"the eye of the needle" . . . ?

However, if you think I’m knocking
Catholics, I am not aiming my comments at the rank and file followers of that
organised religion.   The ones I know are mainly decent,
trying-hard-to-love-their-neighbour people.

If you think I’m picking on
Catholicism, I feel very much the same about all organised religions, especially
the ones which heap material gains upon themselves.

As I said to Phil the
Vicar recently:  "Phil, as an Anglican priest, you get paid to be good.   Me –
I’m good for nothing . . . "

You may pass my comments on to whoever you
choose, Dewi bach, with the recommendation that they watch "Life of Brian" at
least once a year . . . and, perhaps, read the first four books of the New
Testament as regularly.

Here endeth the lesson.

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