General Confusion.

AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH ! ! ! (he screamed again).   Not only is the whole world confusing me presently (don’t mention MoTs, for instance).   I seem to have transferred my old Windows Live Space to WordPress (as requested – nay, demanded! – by Windows its very self), and now I’m a-trying to sort my Space (which is no longer my Space, of course) out.

AND I have to remember that, if I weaken as the weight of the world throws itself upon me, I shall have allowed whoever is causing that weight to descend to beat me.   Therefore, although The Black Dog is nipping hard at my ankles (and even higher), I shall try to remain cool, calm and collected.   (Those readers who are not familiar with the aforementioned not-quite-mythical creature may request an explanation.)

Anyway, after a fairly foul week, I shall soldier on.   Anyone who wants me to offload my sorrows onto them may ask me to do so via a land-line call.   But, in my present mental state, I suspect nobody will (I find comfort in the knowledge that, to have a mental state, one must have a mind!).

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