Saturday, 30th October, 2010.

Well, after several attempts, the stress-factor mentioned in my last couple of posts seems to be easing (thank you for asking – not that anyone reads this stuff).   Also, as “Llowarch, Man of Mystery”, I have done a quite physical bit of ‘stuff’ and it seems to be having an effect.

There is still more ‘stuff’ to do and that’s in the pipeline.

Perhaps Llowarch needs a blog all to himself . . .

(If he does, then readers will understand some of the seemingly strange things he says such as “Stone shall speak to stone and this sacred land shall understand . . .”)

Anyway, when I awoke this morning, I noticed that my former happiness/contentment had returned.   Life is most interesting.
Today’s trip out – first to Tregaron to drop a CV into Spar for Ceri and then on to a very special place for a gentle stroll – showed Rosie and I just how beautiful this land of ours is.   We always know that it is, but this Autumn seems to be more colourful than many of late.

The beauty of Bont

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