Monday, 1st November, 2010.

A pinch and a punch for the First of the Month – and the punch came far gentler than I would have expected.   That was thanks to our Liz, who broke a big bit of Family news in such a way that no panic set in!

That panic would have been mine, of course.

All this sound cryptic.   It is.   But we shall all remember this date for a very long time.

Change of subject:  after The Laughing Dragons’ panto rehearsal yesterday afternoon, Liz face-painted many of us (though not me) all of whom went out to celebrate Hallowe’en in Bont.   They enjoyed themselves immensely!   This is but one of them (just note Liz’s skill in her chosen profession):-

You can imagine the reactions of some of the recipients of Laughing Dragon visits!

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