Thursday, 4th November, 2010.

Well, it is my plan to slow down (anyone remember Joyce Grenfell’s poem ‘Slow Down’?) and take things as they come.   It really makes sound common sense:  the plan as well as the poem.

However, I need to be aware of the things I must do – oh, yes, working for our Community Woodland Project, supporting and being involved in The Laughing Dragons Theatre Group, and especially helping my Family where and when I can.   That little Family is the most important thing in my life.

So, today I have been mostly sitting in my car outside Neuadd Pantyfedwen (Village Hall and home-base of The Laughing Dragons) waiting for “the man” to come and collect our Bags2School.   He was hours later than “the office” had told Rosie he would be, but that’s how offices are;  I would have thought that Yorkshire folk (“the office” is based there) would understand the wide and wild open spaces which comprise Wales.   Hey-ho.

Anyway, apart from devouring my sandwiches and swigging from my flask, I managed to read a whole chunk of a very clever history book.   See – knowledge can be gained even when one appears to be just hanging around.   Indeed, I shall be going out with a Countryside Commission Wales person soon to walk through our Woodland looking for evidence of dormice.

When one stops learning new things – wanting to learn new things – then one is indeed a waste of a life-form.   Here endeth the lesson.

Oh – and this was taken above Strata Florida Abbey a couple of lovely Autumn days ago.

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