Friday, 10th December, 2010.

After a week of looking out and seeing the fields all white and bright with snow, it seems that suddenly – after the overnight thaw – one can see what Winter really looks like.

What I mean is that the snow, a nuisance which hampers free movement, paints the scene and makes one forget the leaflessness of the trees.

So, today, I am reminded of what Winter is.   It is a time of relaxation and recovery for all that which grows in the earth.   And I recall, too, that the wild animals and birds do not relax and recover, but have to struggle on and through the cold and frosty weather.

The roads were clear when we went to Lampeter to do a little Christmas shopping today.   We like that little town and feel oh, so comfortable there.   There’s a nice selection of smaller shops, too, many of them “pound-shops” or similar and some good charity-shops.

Harford Square, Lampeter.

Though we didn’t splash lots of money about – we have less spare cash than in other years thanks to the Slump – it was enjoyable to wander round and see what was on offer.

That does not mean we have joined – yet – the ranks of the “eating or heating” people;  those poor so-and-so’s who really do have to make that choice when Winter comes.   But, having seen how our weekly bill for ordinary grocery-shopping has grown in the last month or so, we are cautious with our cash because we do not know where this capitalist-led “financial crisis” is leading us.

Symbol of the finest ice-cream in Wales, therefore in the whole world – Conti’s Cafe, Lampeter, where I wish the cornets really were this big!

On the plus side, the drive to and from Lampeter is one of my favourite runs.   The countryside – yes, even when showing its Winter starkness – is very varied and, to me who was brought up in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, a joy to behold.

Mother Nature and her works are an inspiration which helps me to pass through Winter with pleasant thoughts.

* * * * *

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