Thursday, 30th December, 2010.

What a wonderful world !

I went into The Windsor Health Shop in Aberystwyth today.   They are remodelling the layout of their displays, so the girls who serve there are quite busy.   A handwritten notice on the till asked customers to be patient;  it began “PLEASE BARE WITH US . . .” The staff did not seem to comprehend when I said it was too cold to do so.

The last couple of days have restored our spirits.   Not only have we driven to Aberystwyth – twice! – this week, but also we managed a stroll up to the milk-step at the top of Lisburne Road (see Rosie’s Ramblings about that walk: ).

And what has added so much to our outings is the seemingly sudden appearance of so much green!   The snow hung around for a long time.   Lots of people were fed up of it after a couple of days, though it did look lovely.

Then it had gone.   Well, almost.   There are still little bits of it nestling in the dips in the hills and snuggling behind some of the hedgerows (does snow snuggle?).

So the green fields, even with the still-bare trees, were a pleasant surprise.   It was almost as if we were in a different part of the world.   How soon we forget!

And we had an almost scarily beautiful sunset this evening.

This is a wonderful world.

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4 Responses to Thursday, 30th December, 2010.

  1. Karin Holloway says:

    Neither you nor Rosie explain what a milk-step is and I’ve got some weird ideas about it in my mind. Is it like a milk tooth? Is it where milk is left for the farmer down the lane? Maybe , next time, you will take a picture of it for us?
    Our walks are in the city, in the dirty East End. Which reminds me that I have to email someone about the gas leak I’ve smelled the last two days near Forest Gate as I bet no one else has. We also check out the water leaks every day as we walk to Stratford- some are gushing! Paul Tweeted Thames Water about them last week, with pictures he took, and they’ve fixed the worst one but the others are still running freely.
    We do have the little park all around us and when I feed the birds or the foxes I stand still for a minute and take in the beauty of it all. ahhhhhhh

    • Cornflake says:

      Will certainly take a pic of a milk-step for you, Karin, and publish it here. They were the places where, in “the old days”, farmers used to stand their filled milk-churns for the horse-drawn waggons (and, later, lorries) to collect them. These days, of course, tankers visit the farms and pump out the milk into their tanks. There are milk-steps still to be seen in most rural areas and, here in the seeming back-water of Old Cardiganshire, they abound.
      I was brought up in a big, industrial town, as you know. I could not go back to any conurbation, even though I have happy childhood memories.

  2. Rajiv says:

    NicePic, Keith.
    have you felt a surge of energy in you whenever you see Sunrise. 🙂 i feel glad, having woken up at 5 am ( GMT+5:30) and view the glory of rising sun.
    Keep up the good work

    • Cornflake says:

      Thanks, Rajiv. Here in Mid-Wales, we have some very beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I’ll visit your blog whenever time permits, my friend. This is a wonderful world.

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