Saturday, 29th January, 2011.

“The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn,

Now is the time for a child to be born . . . “

I was reminded of those words by the simple sight of sheep being put back into local fields a week ago after the bad weather seemed to have abated.

That is the start of a song called “The Crow on the Cradle”, popular on the British – and international – folk-scene forty and more years ago.

Our farmers here in Ceredigion do not seem to have stopped working and working all Winter.   That is the nature of the industry in which they’re involved.   It seems to be the only real and productive industry in the whole of Britain these days.   That is a sad reflection on the management of our land by politicians.

Perhaps they – or many of them – wanted us to lose our ability to produce what we need and what we could export for profit.   Locating of our firms to lands overseas has had many knock-on effects.   We have lost the skills we once had.   We have to import most of what we need.   We have thrown good, hard-working folk onto the dole.

And we – well, those self-same politicians – have started wars to divert our eyes from the mess into which they’ve taken us.

Yet our farmers work on.   They cannot, dare not, simply rid themselves of their livestock:  the caring for those animals is a show of hope in the future.   Let us hope that the arduous work those farmers and their families do – and for very little personal gain – pays off and rewards their hopes.

More of that verse of that song seems appropriate as I end this post:-

“. . . To play in the meadow and laugh in the sun.

If he’s a boy then he’ll carry a gun,

Said the crow on the cradle . . .”

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