Sunday, 20th February, 2011.

Last evening's sunset.

This piece follows on from my comments on 3rd February about the good side of this month.

I was taking photos for my “Nature Notes” page last evening.   That was when I took my usual 5 p.m. stroll.

On that stroll, I relax for ten-minutes or so, take stock of my day, and simply enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery which surrounds our village.   And, believe me, I count my blessings when I look at those views!

I go from our home to the top of the Village Green and a few hundred yards beyond, along the Tregaron road.   On weekdays, of course, there’s a bit of traffic coming in from Tregaron and beyond, and going out of the village from, say, Hendre Quarry just above Ystrad Meurig.   The vehicles are mainly people heading for home after a day’s work.

Nevertheless, there’s a sort of calmness to each evening’s scene.   Even when the weather is inclement, that happens.   There must be reasons.

And, as this month has progressed, sure enough the evenings have noticeable stayed lighter longer.   So my previous entry here was accurate!

Then, this very morning, I shaved – I use a proper razor – without having to switch the bathroom light on!   I could see to do it by daylight alone.

I am not always a cheery bloke.   There is a side to my nature which makes me look on the darker side of life far too often.   But the coming of the earlier daylight and the longer lasting light in the evenings revives my spirits and, I’m sure, cheers many, many people.

A February morning's sunrise.

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2 Responses to Sunday, 20th February, 2011.

  1. a lot of people have told me January was terrible this year, and it was. Luckily february has been a bit better! lovely post

  2. Cornflake says:

    Thank you, Tinkerbelle (give my regards to Peter Pan! 🙂 ). Yes, January was a rough old month, which is why I cling to the knowledge of the better things to come in February – I mentioned those in my post of 3rd Feb. And the sun’s shining here in the heart of Welsh Wales presently: can’t miss the opportunity of enjoying a stroll in the hills today!

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