Wenesday, 2nd March, 2011.

Standing and Staring

“A poor life this if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”

My sentiments exactly.   Most of us – myself included – spend so, so much of our lives tearing around to do all sorts of things from making a living to going on holiday,

Yes, even going on holiday seems to force lots of us to make it manifest that we are enjoying ourselves!

Which is why I chose, many moons ago, to use as much time as possible simply standing and staring.   Indeed, it’s my major hobby.   The name of that hobby is Looking At Things.   I’d even organise conventions for people who indulge in the hobby . . . if my time wasn’t taken up Looking At Things.

For some time now, I’ve achieved quite a bit of standing and staring.   It acts like a defensive mechanism:  an escape from all the things in which I’m involved now that I am Officially Retired.

Never let anybody trick you into believing that retirement is a time for sitting around and having (here comes the cliché) “a well-earned rest”.   Once it’s voiced abroad that you’re retired, you get roped into lots and lots of things you would never have had time for when you were gainfully employed!

Life, though, is for living, so it’s good that I am still useful to so many people.   An active brain is important to a good “retirement”!

Cors Caron (Tregaron Bog) - one of the flashes.

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2 Responses to Wenesday, 2nd March, 2011.

  1. Margaret Newson says:

    AHA! I see from the above picture you’ve been flashing again!!! At Tregaron Bog. What a name for a lovely scene like that, though I can’t speak for the Welsh title, being an illiterate, very-much-pre-war Yorkshire woman! Don’t you dare criticise your elders young rascal!

  2. Cornflake says:

    Cors Caron is a superb nature-reserve, and the last remaining example of a raised-bog in Wales (I think). It used to be said that the Teifi – which rises in the mountains above our home – ran uphill over the Bog!

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