Friday, 18th March, 2011.

Mother Earth

An early morning red-kite doesn't quite manage to avoid my camera!

As you will know, having read other entries on this blog, I take two walks a day whenever possible.   I’ve taken the same stroll as often as possible for the thirty and more years that we’ve lived in this special village.

Each time I do this short walk, I remember each dog who’s lived with us and who has accompanied me.   That leads to thoughts of times past and all sorts of nostalgia.

Here’s a slightly edited copy of a mail I wrote to a friend this week.   It’s self-explanatory, I think.

“I have had some deep ponderings as the dog walks me early each morning and as I take my 5 p.m. stroll each evening.   Round me, there is so much butterfly-in-tummy inducing beauty, and I wonder at the nature of . . . well . . . Nature.

“Recently – and from several sources:  mails, conversations, radio items – I have heard much about our planet being a living entity.

I know that it is part of some religious doctrines that the planet has a spirit.   And there’s the Gaia Theory.   And that Theory was part of the belief-system of Conan-Doyle, who believed it a hundred years before the Theory itself was mooted by – er – I forget his name.

“The recent Japanese tragedy (get your anti-radiation suit ready) and the events in New Zealand and elsewhere would appear to indicate that Mother Earth is hitting back for the rotten things humankind’s greed and sheer non-thinkingness have done to her.   ‘The Earth shall reel like a drunken man’ – a scripture with which you will be familiar.”

And this morning, I had to drop notes into a couple of Members of our Community Woodland Association.   Walking through and round our little village in the warm Spring sunshine and chatting with people along the way reinforces my conviction that I live where I should live.


The sun sets on another lovely day in Wales.

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