Sunday, 20th March, 2011.

I wrote the following on my Facebook this morning:-

“At 7 this morning, I heard the appalling news that Libya had been attacked by the RAF using both fighters AND BOMBERS.   This adds more fuel to the massive war in which the three monotheist religions will be involved.   Libya has been controlled for decades by a rotten dictator.   No “free” nation has done anything to depose him until now.”

Then, I added a second comment:-

“Further, this news has overshadowed that from Japan. One wonders why.”

It seems to be an historical fact that Hitler could have been stopped by economic sanctions and political will years before 1939.  Gaddafi has been in power for decades.   It has been known what sort of power-crazed dictator he is by the U.S. and its allies.   Why was not something done before this war started   Surely it couldn’t be anything to do with oil-supplies and Western business interests . . . could it?

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3 Responses to Sunday, 20th March, 2011.

  1. Cornflake says:

    John commented on this post, but put it on my “About My Homepage” post; I, not noticing, replied to his comment on the same post. The next two comments on THIS post – Sunday, 13th March, 2011 – will (if I get it right) appear as replies to THIS reply.

  2. Cornflake says:

    So this is what John wrote:
    Could a possible reason for western inaction up to this point be that we have waited for an internal ‘popular uprising’ to take place first?
    To me the real question is, will we support ‘popular uprisings’ in other despotic regimes?”
    My reply to John is the next Comment on this post.

  3. Cornflake says:

    And this is how I responded to John’s Comment:-
    “”We” did not intervene in Southern Ireland against a despotic regime when a popular uprising took place in the early 20th Century. “We” did not send troops to Spain (as a young politician called Edward Heath said we should) to help a popular uprising against Franco’s fascists in the 1930s. “We” did not intervene in South Africa’s popular uprising against apartheid. What makes you think “we’re” going to start doing such things now in countries which have nothing “we” really want? And who are “we”, anyway . . . ?”
    Hope that sorts it all out – well, until he or I or someone adds a comment to this thread.

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