Sunday, 24th April, 2011.

Now that April’s . . . HERE!

          A glance at my Nature Notes Page will tell you how “twitterpated” (remember “Bambi”?) I am this April.   The weather has been superb for the last few weeks and, though needing to do various stuff around our home, Rosie and I are making the most of that.

Last week we had two marvellous outings.   Both of them were within a short drive from our home.   And I always say to Rosie when we do such trips “Wonder why we’ve ever needed to go away from our own county on holiday?”

On Wednesday – 20th April – we did a walk along woodland footpaths at Black Covert, a woodland area along Afon Ystwyth (afon = river) at Trawscoed.

Spring at Black Covert

We’ve walked through those trees many times since coming to live here, but we discovered a pathway which we’d never used, so took that.   It seems that somebody is looking after the woodland and its paths, though we wonder if the Forestry Commission Wales has something to do with its general tidiness.

With the bright Spring sunshine and the bright green leafing of beeches and birches and other trees, our stroll was so, so uplifting.   And it is such an easy walk – though perhaps less so when Winter weather has created muddy walkways.

The “somebody” has placed a bench along the way in a good strategic spot:  there’s a lovely view across the farm fields along the edge of the wood.

Mollyblobs have colonised the roots of a fallen tree at Black Covert

It was a day to remember.

Another such memorable day happened on Friday – 22nd April and Good Friday – when we paid our first visit to Denmark Farm.   It was a trip we’d promised ourselves for a few years now.   We were inspired to go by Angie Polkie, one of the workers there.   Angie was our guest-speaker at Cymdeithas Coedwig Cymuned Pontrhydfendigaid’s (Bont Community Woodland Association’s) meeting on Wednesday evening.   Her slide-show was lovely.

The Denmark Farm mosaic.

Denmark Farm used to be a working farm and has become a wildlife haven, created by caring people and open – for free – to the general public.   It is under-visited.

Even on our arrival at its car-park, we felt the beautifully tranquil atmosphere of the place.   Lovely walkways and footpaths lead across the old farmland.   Everything there is to show how humankind, working with Mother Nature, can improve the planet and improve the lives of those who visit and work there.

The ecologically sound roundhouse at Denmark Farm.

Bess, the dog who lives with us, enjoyed her trot, too, even though she had to conform to the rule of the site and wear her lead.   There was lots for her to snuffle and sniff at!

Could this be a portrait of ME in the roundhouse?!

We were the only visitors until we got back to our car, then a young couple arrived.   They obviously appreciated the atmosphere at Denmark Farm.   A few minutes later, a lady drove up in her car and, in chatting with her, we discovered that she was part of the group which has created a community woodland – Longwood – which is beside the winding lane from Llangybi to Llanfair Clydogau.

As Chairman of our own Community Woodland Association – – it was good to make such a contact.   It surely was not by coincidence . . .

We drove back from Denmark Farm via the sun-drenched back lanes through Llwyn-yr-Groes and Llangeitho, talking about our day out and deciding to return before long!   It will be a favourite haunt of ours at all times of the year.

Inside the roundhouse.

Again the question:  “Wonder why we’ve ever needed to go away from our own county on holiday?”

A simple view across the meadowland at Denmark Farm.

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