Sunday, 10th July, 2011.

“One crowded hour of life is worth an age without a name.”

How right Dumas was!   (Yes, literature is just one of the subjects on which I become all snobby.)   I quote the old lad not as an apology for not blogging for so many weeks, but as the beginning of an account of the crowded hours which have filled my life over that time.

Rosie and I had planned to go on a few days holiday in June.   It would have – coincidentally – been over the Solstice.   We were going to a foreign land to stay in our holiday home.

But, prematurely, Gracie-Rose put in an appearance.   She’s our new great-grand-daughter.   So her advent forced us to postpone our holiday for a week.   I told her Mom that Gracie would be excluded from my Summer Ice-Cream List for spoiling my schedule.

In the event, a week after her birth, the weather ceased its sullen nature and we had perfect weather for our trip.   So I have put her back on that List.

She weighed in at 6 lbs. 10 oz.   That meant I won a packet of Maltesers in a “Guess The Birth-Weight Of The Baby” competition which raised funds for The Laughing Dragons Theatre Group.   And, despite all the oo-ing and ah-ing of all the ladies, Gracie-Rose, like all new-born babies, looked like a skinned rabbit.

Gracie-Anne, newly born.I shall put more info about Gracie and “What I Did On My Holidays” in my next blog entry.

(Please note:  in my original post, I made the deliberate error of referring to Gracie as “Gracie-Anne”.   My Family spotted the error, so the first one of them to tell me about it gets TWO ice-creams this Summer.   Mind you, my daughter is Lizzie-Anne, my elder grand-daughter is Ceri-Anne, and my younger grand-daughter is Milly-Anne – all named in honour of Annie Stevenson nee Muir, my Mom, a little of whose history you can see on another page of this blog.   Does that explanation satisfy my Family?)

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