Sunday, 20th May, 2012.

Coo-er – was it really that long ago that I posted summat here?   (Yes, of course it was, you daft bat!)

With all the interest in my autobiography, I’ve decided to record various events here on my Homepage – but especially to put all of my autobiography on this blog.   Browse through the Pages (My Family Histories is where to look) to discover what an ordinary life I’ve led!

Will add more to this blog on – I hope – a weekly basis.

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1 Response to Sunday, 20th May, 2012.

  1. John Johns says:

    I will read in due course Keith but am still awaiting the connection of my broadband since I moved on the 27th April. I am using the library every few days but just for essential things for now. I still fully intend blogging as well, once I am at least a bit closer to sorting myself out, having moved from a 3 bed into a 1 bed property! I’m glad to be at this stage, at last but will be happier once I have sorted out a few things that I don’t need to keep and create a bit more space without ‘clutter’.

    eep up the good work yourself.

    Best wishes
    John (ap John).

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