Thursday, 26th July, 2012.

Though I’m The Person Least Interested In The Olympics, they’ve served to remind me of something from my skooldays. I passed the 11-Plus (show off!) and went to Wolverhampton Grammar Skool during its transition from being a private school to becoming part of the State system. There were still paying-pupils there when I arrived, and the Headmaster – a High Tory – resented us working-class oiks getting into his establishment.

One day, Headmaster Warren Derry, stood in for our Form Master for some reason. During the lesson, he informed the class that “black people can’t run”.

Macdonald Bailey, a black chap from the West Indies, held the World Record for the hundred yards sprint back then. So one of the lads put his hand up and made the obvious statement: “Please Sir, Macdonald Bailey’s black and he can run.”

“Oh, yes,” came the well-thought-out reply, “they can run short distances – but not long distances.”

Those with hidden vested interests have the cunning answers before the logical questions are asked.

(More of my reminiscences can be found in my Autobiography pages on this blog.)

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