Wednesday, 19th September, 2012.

On Monday (17th Sept.), I listened to the whole of the Stilgoe & Skellern ‘A Quiet Night Out’  album which my friend Jeff gave me.   I listened from beginning to end – and I wallowed in personal nostalgia for a while (though that’s not always a good thing when one’s alone).

It was recorded at their final and farewell concert, and there are many comical false-endings.   The song at the real end was what they did when we saw ’em live in – I think – the 1980s.

Also, while it was playing, I followed my old route to Wolverhampton Grammar Skool via Google Earth and at ground level.   I looked at the streets along which I walked the three miles to and then back from school for – what? – five years (bus-fare was not an option in those days).

My goodness, how the old town has changed!   In some places, there were a few rows of houses and bits of wall I knew as a kid – but there’s been so much knocking down and lots of rather nice new houses built.

Wish I hadn’t looked – but it’ll save me going on the trip I’d planned to stroll those now-mean streets.

Again – thanks for the memory, Jeff.

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