Sunday, 7th October, 2012.

Random Thoughts

     We arrived home yesterday from a delightful holiday in Saundersfoot.   The only real cloud over that holiday was to hear the news on Tuesday about the abduction in Machynlleth of little April Jones.

Even down in South Pembrokeshire, a great sadness was felt among the locals.   Visitors, too, were shocked.

We heard April’s mother pleading for news of her 5-year-old daughter – shocking in its terrible sorrowfulness.

As the days passed, it became pretty clear that she may never be found alive.   The man the Police have been questioning seems to have remained tight-lipped about the case.   He has been charged with abduction, murder and perverting the course of justice.   He has said nothing regarding her whereabouts.

Here in Mid-Wales now, one can feel the heavy atmosphere as people come to terms with April’s murder.   People are wearing pink ribbons to show how they feel:  pink was the little girl’s favourite colour.   And hundreds of volunteers turned out to find her.

That heavy, sad atmosphere still pervades every aspect of local life and seems to affect even the animals, the trees, everything.

Let us hope that her tiny body is found soon, for the sake of her parents, for the sake of our special land.

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