Tuesday, 30th October, 2012.

Looking across The Green from our front window each day – especially when I’m using the PC which is ideally situated! – I see the ridge just across the fields.   There’s an old, now-tarmacced lane up there – not visible from this angle – which was once a ridgeway-track.

We’ve walked that lane hundreds of times since we moved here in 1977.   The views up there are excellent:  Cors Caron (Tregaron Bog), the rolling countryside to the West and the Cambrian Mountains to the North and East.   You can see Plynlimmon Fawr, too.

It was up there, by the milk-step in the bad Winter of 1982/’83, where I suddenly realised that the depression which I’d suffered for the past few years had left me!   I didn’t believe it at the time . . .

So this Autumn’s colours seen from our window are bringing back many memories of our life here.   The trees across there have muted colours, quietly blending together to make a gentle pattern.   In other places, the dying leaves are far brighter, so the ones up there are an interesting contrast.

          Recent memories – ones of this year – come to me.   We’ve visited places, we’ve renewed old friendships and we’ve had both wonderful and worrying times – such is the nature of life.

Each renewal and each place we’ve visited are clear in my mind, though we did take photos, too.   Many of the things we did have been recorded here and, as we drove to Wolverhampton last week, the turning of the leaves all along our way made me remember and remember and remember.   The dull, usually wet, Summer weather may have served to create within me this “Autumnal spirit” long before Summer ended.

This Autumn, this year, have served to remind me that, at last after seven years of “retirement”, I am settling down and enjoying the realisation of what that word means.

Thank you, Autumn leaves.

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