Wednesday, 28th November, 2012.

It wasn’t until driving back from Tregaron to our village on Monday that I really noticed that Winter is upon us.

The real indication, for me, is when the trees have shed all their leaves.   And that had happened.

          There were a few leaves left on the beech-hedges, but they were sparse and, looking across Cors Caron (Tregaron Bog), the bareness of the trees and the bronze of the bracken was a lovely scene.   I was reminded again that I have always regarded myself as “a Winter person”.

Yesterday, Bess – the dog who lives with us – and I walked along Lisburne Road and up the now-tarmacced ridgeway track which leads to a few farms.   The tarmac ends half-a-mile or so from the village and there’s a footpath which still runs further on to the old railway-track.

From up there, one has a marvellous panoramic view:  South over Cors Caron towards Carmarthenshire, North to Plynlimmon Fawr, West across the rolling rills towards Cardigan Bay, East to where the Cambrian Mountains rise.    It is now all browns and bronzes with gentle contrasts between their shades.

There was a cold breeze from the North and, though there was the occasional noise from traffic down on the road through our village, all the land about me held an expectant stillness.

Bess and I seemed to be quite alone up there;  alone with our thoughts.

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