Sunday, 2nd December, 2012.

I’ve seen and heard that phrase used so often – mainly by younger people – on Facebook and elsewhere. What a negative thought!
If one can’t be changed, then one is incapable of personal mental and/or spiritual growth.
I can remember some of the people whose influence changed me, and taught me to expand my limited world. They are folk who’ll never be well known, never become “celebs” and, probably, never knew their influence on me as I grew to manhood: Tom Evans, ‘Dickie’ Dance, Alan Garner, Reuben Squire, ‘Mac’ Houston are names which jump to mind. And my Gran’dad Bayliss, too – though I only appreciated his influence some forty years after he’d passed on!
They all taught me to “think outside the box” and to challenge the status quo. I never thanked any of them. I would not have known how and they would have been embarrassed at me trying to do so.
I am, I know and I confess, not perfect yet, of course. But I am open to good influences.
So it may be that those who brag that “You’ll never change me” are too selfish or too dim to want to grow up.

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