Saturday, 22nd December, 2012.

Yesterday – the 21st December, 2012 – was the day which, eccentric followers of the Mayan calendar told us, was The-Day-The-World-Would-End.

Well, one eccentric faction of those eccentric followers told us that

another eccentric faction of those same eccentric followers had told us it would happen on the 12th December.   And it didn’t happen then, either.

There is now a war (hopefully of words) going on between those two eccentric factions.   And other eccentric factions of the same eccentric followers are chipping in to say that their fellow eccentric followers were both wrong (an obvious fact if you’re reading this!).

This is the second time in my life – if I recall rightly – that eccentric groups have told us the exact date of The-End-Of-The-World.

That first time, I was a bold warrior serving my Queen and Country as a member of the trained jungle-fighters defending the British Empire from the Communist Menace.   We were told not to visit Kuala Lumpur on a certain day – I think it was a Sunday.

The reason for this advice was that an eccentric religious minister in Italy had gone up Mont Blanc with a bunch of his eccentric followers and had proclaimed that exact date.   The Chinese population of KL had accepted his proclamation and were rioting in the streets.

And, the British Army said, if we went into the city, “someone might get hurt”.   Too right they would had they threatened us!

Anyway, The-Day-The-World-Didn’t-End was yesterday.   So, perhaps, we should avoid the proclamations of eccentric folk who, for eccentric reasons of their own, “know” that their own, eccentric belief-system is absolutely and perfectly true.

I prefer the Biblical statement that the date on which the Earth will be changed (or whatever) “no man knoweth”.

You may pass this rant on should you wish.   But please find your own word – or words – to replace the adjective “eccentric” . . . !

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