Monday, 14th January, 2013.

Between 0735 hrs. and 0738 hrs. yesterday morning, I observed a moving, star-like object curving across the sky. I was in our back-garden at the time, and it appeared over the roofs of the houses at the top of our row (the Southern end ones).
The dawn was breaking and there were no stars to be seen. The sky was perfectly clear of clouds. There was a light breeze blowing from the North-East.
The object was heading in a North-Easterly direction, and its path curved until – when it had passed right over our garden – it was moving more or less due East.
Alas, when it reached the brighter sunlit part of the sky, it “faded in the brightening air”.
Has anyone any idea what it might have been? I think – but do not know – that it may have been a man-made satellite.
(Fans please note: this is not me being “Llowarch” of the Weird Wonders of Wales newspaper-column fame!)

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