Thursday, 24th January, 2013.

Winter came.   Before that, I felt that Mother Earth had become quiet.   The stillness was noticeable even when traffic sped along the road through our village or when gale-force winds were roaring.

2013-01-01 12.42.30

          It was not and is not an unpleasant quietness.

I thought that, perhaps, Mother Earth was and is quietly pondering:  pondering on what She should do to help the inhabitants of Her planet – flora, fauna and humankind – to realise what is happening to Her.

Perhaps, too, She was thinking of ways to help them change what is being done.

Then, in these parts, the snows came and the quietness became more pervasive.   It prompted me to think that, although humankind claims that it is the highest form of life on the planet, that may not be true.

We humans, in our greed or in our shirking of our responsibility, have done damage to Mother Earth which must be repaired.   Or She will need to use more of the strong measures which She seems to have been using increasingly in recent times.

2013-01-22 13.16.14

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1 Response to Thursday, 24th January, 2013.

  1. Karin Holloway says:

    I just read that we’re having an extratropical storm, a “weatherbomb”, this week. One of the most fierce in the North Atlantic for decades. ‘She’ is reacting already, I think. This may be the calm before the punch. I say enjoy what we can while we can! As we seem to be creatures who are very good at enjoying things.
    Lovely pictures, Keith!

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