Wednesday, 3rd April, 2013.

We all wondered when Winter would end.   We may still be wondering.

Yet Winter brings its own delights.

Rosie saw Winter-Flowering Hellebore blooming for the very first time in January.

2013-01-10 12.33.34

     And we were surprised to see primroses flowering in February.   This week, I noticed that there were seed heads on a couple of dandelions, too!   In a lane near Llanafan, we saw a Grey Wagtail – never seen one of those lovely birds in such wintry weather, and not in that area, anyway.

Grey Wagtail

      When I was at infants-school, we were told by our headmistress that, in Winter, the whole countryside was dead.   She was not telling the truth.

Once free of school-life, I would wander out, on foot, to the country-lanes which surrounded industrial Wolverhampton.   Along them, I discovered the “movement” of plants in Winter.   I spotted birds foraging for food.   I even saw squirrels, which I’d been taught slept in hibernation all Winter, scurrying in the woodlands.

I learned, from personal experience, that Mother Nature only rested and prepared herself for the rest of the year in Winter.   She does not die.

Miss Evans:  you taught untruths, whether you knew it or not.   (I remember you warned us that if we swallowed chewing-gum it would wind round our hearts and kill us.   That’s not true, either.)

Perhaps we should all question what our teachers tell us, even in these enlightened days.   We might be being conditioned into accepting things willy-nilly just because we’re told them – rather than questioning them and finding out for ourselves.

The most dangerous question in the world is “Why?”

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