Thursday, 27th June, 2013.

My now-regular 5 p.m. strolls over the last few evenings have been made even more relaxing by the weather.   With the sun out and some fluffy clouds gently floating, it brought back other similar evenings of sweet memory.

I met Rosie in 1961 and during that Summer we spent many evenings with my Auntie Rene and Uncle Fred at Butler’s Sports & Social Club.

We just sort of sat and watched the sun go down over the brewery’s football-field.   It was a magical time for me, and I knew right from first seeing her that Rosie was “the girl for me”.

And, after realising that greatly important fact, I discovered we had many, many interests in common:  the countryside being a main one.

Our courting seems to have been one long stroll in the country lanes round Wolverhampton.   Or watching Elvis Presley films at the Gaumont.

Most of those country lanes have gone now, overtaken by “development”, and many of the small villages and hamlets we knew have become part of the urban sprawl as “Ode ‘Ampton” spreads to accommodate its ever growing population.

Now that I have knocked up a fair few decades of life, it seems to me that the journey has been pretty smooth.   The companionship of Rosie and her love for me has eased whatever burdens have come my way.

Memories, memories, sweet, sweet memories.   I treasure them.

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