Thursday, 9th August, 2013.

2013-08-02 11.22.38

          This Summer’s stay is so soon slipping into memories.   It has been the most “Summery” season I can remember for many a year.

The greening seemed to burst upon us, certainly here in West Wales.   Yet, each year, Rosie and I try to look out for signs of that greening beginning.

It’s been a heavy green, too.   Views have been enhanced – and hidden! – by the bushiness of trees.   The fields have greened, been cut to a golden stubble and are now beginning to show the signs of new grass again.

July’s heatwave drifted into early August.   Too hot, it was at times, to either go out and enjoy strolling through the lush scenery, or to do the work in the back-garden which needs so much to be done.

Now, as August drifts along, the cooler days have given us that enjoyment.   A short drive away are many such walkways.   There are pleasant walks, too, right from our doorstep.   Often we are spoiled for choice;  though we have several favourite strolls.

Everywhere this Summer, it seems, masses of rose-bay willow-herb have flowered.

The need – if such it be – of a longer drive and sight-see is upon me.   I’ve even voiced the idea of another drive to Wolverhampton, on a happier occasion than our visit in early July, and I use the excuse of “having a look at the old streets I knew as a kid”.   Many, if not most of those, have gone now, of course.   The factories I knew are gone, too.   It is no longer “my” Wolverhampton – but the excuse to visit the place can still be used.

The drive there would stir my emotions, crossing as it does so many different sorts of countryside:  from the Cambrian Mountains and right across the fertile fields of the Marches and Herefordshire and Shropshire.   Even the small amount of rural Staffordshire through which our drive will take us through farming land.

Or shall we go North, into Y Gogledd?   Up through Machynlleth to Tywyn or Dolgellau or Barmouth or Harlech?   A longer drive is what I want.

That may come soon – even next week.   Meanwhile, I am stirred and contented by the beauties Mother Nature has given me here, in and around our still-very-Welsh village.   Even the view from the front-room window which I see as I type this is ever-changing as the greens change and the grass is cut and re-grows.   I love where I live.

And I love the life we have created for ourselves here.   A benevolent deity seems to have smiled upon us.

2013-08-07 07.30.15

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