Monday, 23rd September, 2013.

Going on from my earlier “calming stillness” post, Rosie, Bess and I took advantage of the day and visited Trichrug this afternoon.

We travelled routes once used by stage-coaches, drovers and Roman invaders. We felt the atmosphere of long-dead people’s legacy, seeing Stone Age, Norman and other historic sites as we went to and from our Bronze Age destination. Very old hostelries dotted our way, too – some long-since closed, and some turned into modern homes recognisable as inns only by their names now.

Walking across Trichrug hill, we had a charming view of a stretch of the Aeron Valley with farmsteads and once-upon-a-time tai-unnos dotting the landscape.

Yes, it was overcast and visibility was hindered by the distant mists.
Nevertheless, we soaked up the stillness and the feeling of the continuity of community over the millennia.

We are blessed to live in the midst of such special things.

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