Monday, 28th October, 2013.

Bess gave us a scare this morning.   Jumped on the bed while I put my shoes on and snuggled up to Rosie.   Then, she flopped onto her side, unable, it seemed, to use her back legs.

I tried giving her a shove.   No joy.   So Rosie could move, I lifted Bess and sort of eased her to the floor, where she wriggled a bit but couldn’t stand up.

I tried to help her to stand, but she just lay there, starting to twitch.   And she was panting dreadfully.

I touched her and found she’d peed herself.

A fit, we guessed, a stroke.   Memories of Gyp came back.   Time to take her to the Vet.

Rosie dressed quickly and went downstairs.   I said I’d carry Bess down and bent to pick her up.

As I did so – guess what?

I found the reason for her back legs not working – and, no, she was too flustered to bite.

Her back paws had become entangled in the long fur round her back end and tail!

She was so embarrassed!   I carried her downstairs and she expected a telling-off for peeing.   It was the time she always goes out to “be clean”.   She’s so well house-trained and having “no legs” made her think she’d done wrong.

She limped a bit, but soon walked OK.   She looked sheepish for a while, but soon became her usual yappy self.

I pass this story of Bess to get my Family to read “Dogs With Whom I’ve Lived” on my blog: – and to encourage each of them to recommend it to all our Family.

When I sent it via texts to my daughter and to my elder grand-daughter – paragraph by paragraph – they were really concerned . . . until I revealed the full story!


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