Wednesday, 31st December, 2014.

And so the year slips into the past.   It’s been, more than many others, a year of sorrows and sadness for my Family and me.

Yet there have been moments of great joy and happiness.

So it’s sensible for me to dwell on those good times.

Rosie and I had three splendid holidays this year:  two along the beyond-beautiful coast of Pembrokeshire.   The other was exploring Snowdonia, an area we didn’t know very well – a marvellous experience.

We had three trips from our village across the Cambrian Mountains and through the Marches to Wolverhampton to visit Rosie’s brother and sister.   Such warm welcomes each time.

We met up with our old friends Jeff & Dot in Montgomery.   That day has become, for me, the one which shines brightest among the year’s good things.

And we had relaxing strolls all over the place:  in Wales and in that land to the East of Offa’s Dyke.   Our memories of them are stored carefully.

During all our sad times, we’ve had the support and comforting words from true friends.

So, having listed all those blessings – and recalled more as I write – I look forward to 2015 with interest and hope.

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