Thursday, 14th May, 2015.

When we went on holiday at the end of April, the area where we live was still as it was over the Winter:  leafless trees and dark-green grass.   No Spring “greening-up” seemed to be happening.   For about six months of the year it looks like that – and one gets used to it, one sees it as “the norm”.

When we arrived, the greening-up had happened all along the South Pembrokeshire coastal plain.   It was a delight.   And the sun shone on us every day, making the whole experience a holiday to remember.



     When we arrived home to the North Ceredigion area (Ceredigion = Old Cardiganshire), that, too, had gone greener.   Trees were well on their way to full leaf and the grass – oh, the grass! – was a marvellous late-Spring, early Summer kind of greenness.

And the sun has shone on that greenness for most of the days since our return.   It came as a surprise after the seemingly long Winter.

Driving through such loveliness, still in North Ceredigion, gives me a feeling of the “surreal”;  of being in a land in which I am a happy stranger.

It was a memorable holiday and, added to these homecoming scenes, it will be a special year to remember.   I live where I know I should live.

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