Friday, 29th May, 2015.

Posted this on my Facebook yesterday.   Thought it was worth preserving here instead of losing itself among the trivial dross of that medium:-

“Aged 15, and having been deeply in love with Wales and all things Welsh for a few years, I borrowed from our local branch-library in Wolverhampton “Coming Down The Wye” by Robert Gibbings. I read it cover to cover pretty quickly.
“I read it again a few years later.
“A couple of years ago (and now living in the land I love), I bought a 1943 first edition of the book, and have just started reading it.
“Apart from the lovely etchings by the author, the whole book seems very different from what my memory told me! I find that very strange.
“But I am learning so much from reading it. And I thank my Family once more for getting me back to reading – a once-big hobby of mine – after a very long lay off.”

And I added this today:-

“The book has many traditional folk-tales and remembrances of real people. Those things are no longer passed on in our communities, because we are estranged from each other by television and materialism. The stories take me back to times long since gone, to people who are no longer with me, and to places which have disappeared. Memory Lane is often a hard path to follow.”

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